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“He takes the time and effort to explain what you are about to learn by explaining the main components. Not only do you hear the audio, you can see the written text. He is hitting all types of learners.” 

“Kalob is an amazing teacher and he is amazing at breaking down hard topics in to understandable bites. I have spent a lot of money on courses most I feel I was given so-so info. Kalob really makes coding understandable. If you want to learn to code and not fall into tutorial hell this is your course.” 

“I have been learning to code on various websites for the last few weeks and was beginning to feel very overwhelmed with all the options and opinions of other developers. This course has already left me feeling very reassured and motivated to continue learning. I would recommend this course if you are not sure what path to follow when learning to become a web developer.”

“So much happy and confident about having found the best bootcamp so far! To me, Kalob is the one with the best flow, neat content, right to the point, generous, the real deal! He is "really" present on his online support groups, always helping and positive, a very great human. I'm so grateful for being able to access this level of information. Thank you!”

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